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About our Coffees


We have virtually scoured the U.S.A. & tested through our in-home gatherings, to find the best-of-the-best American Artisan Roast Masters. 

We proudly offer their creations to you, our customer's!



Many of our coffees are Certified Organic & Fair Trade.  Visit our Shop/Coffee section to see which coffees meet these classifications. 


Coffee shouldn't come with bitterness

Two factors impact the taste of our beans.

1. Specialty Grade Beans used for roasting.

2. All roasters are not the same.

There are two types of coffee beans the Robusta bean (ground floor and lower grade) and the Arabica, which has different grade levels.  We purchase only the highest grade of  Arabica beans, the Special Bean, for our coffee roasters.  

What is the specialty bean of the Arabica line? 

Specialty coffee: The term "specialty coffee" refers to the highest-quality green coffee beans roasted to their greatest flavor potential by true craftspeople and then properly brewed to well-established SCAA developed standards. Specialty coffee in the green bean state can be defined as a coffee that has no defects and has a distinctive character in the cup, with a score of 80 or above when graded according to SCAA


Our roasters have tested how each bean from each country, after each harvest should be roasted.  The perform several iterations before defining the perfect roast.  Our coffees are hand roasted in batches of no more than 20 lbs at a time.  This perfect combination equates to a naturally smooth cup of coffee.

We invite you to experience coffee differently.



We want your coffee drinking to become an experience.   Complete with understanding how different coffees from different countries and harvest taste from the plant, without being doctored during a manufacturing process.

What is micro-roasting?

Our coffee is created by talented American artisan roasters in small batches, in no more than 25lbs at a time.  Much like fine wines, a typical coffee crop will produce slightly different tastes season after season.  This is dependent on the season and location, much like wine.  Because of this natural influence, your coffee should not taste the same year after year. 

Not all roasters are alike, just like all other products, it takes a true artisan and the highest grade specialty coffee bean to produce the results we are able to achieve.



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