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About our Teas



American Serenade artisan fine-crafted teas are smooth to your pallet. A wonderful full flavored experience. Plus. in complete compliance with Mother Nature, our teas are all natural organic & No bitterness added!

A great artisan fine-crafted tea is in many ways like a fine wine, it’s there to enjoy and does not have to be altered with additives unless you really enjoy doing so. 

In our search for the best-of-the-best we have discovered unique and amazing teas from each tea-type, so please enjoy….To Your Health!!


Our teas are Certified Organic and Fair Trade. 


What are the benefits of tea?:
Teas have multiple health benefits.  Each tea category has its own benefit and leaf tea provides more health and nutrients than sachet (dustings).   Black tea is good for bones, white tea is high in antioxidants, and helps in balancing your good and  bad cholesterol, plus more.  Check out our tea line to see what health benefit is tied to each of the teas we offer.

Are all teas made the same?:

No, our teas are hand designed by true artisans that know how to bring out the best flavor profiles.  Due to their expertise coupled with being hand produced, they are also smooth and not bitter to the taste. 


Why do we only offer organic tea?:
Like all organic products, you generally get a better flavor profile and we offer the highest-quality, most enjoyable teas in their class.

What is so great about organic?:
While it is certainly true that many teas are produced naturally in an organic fashion and have been for hundreds of years, there are many farms that still use highly toxic pesticides (DDT being one of them).  We wanted assurance and a dedicated paper trail back to the farm indicating the true organic status of all our products.

We know our customers care about purity, quality, and the health of the workers and environment, as well as the gorgeous quality of the leaf and the flavor of the tea that is produced. As do we.


Why do we only offer leaf tea?
High quality, loose leaf teas are made from the Camellia sinensis plant’s finest hand-picked buds, whole tea leaves, large pieces of leaves or a combination of these parts.

The time of year and growing conditions greatly affect the quality of tea. When all of these factors are taken into account, much like a fine wine, the tea retains its distinctive flavors and characteristics.

Loose leaf teas simply offer the best variety, quality, and freshness.  While the tea bag is convenient and some very good tea can be found in tea bags in Europe, it is most often blended highly and goes stale much more quickly than loose tea.  Why? Because it is often “cut and sifted” to make it  easy to bag.  

The smallest leaf particles and grades such as “fannings” and “dust” are used in traditional off-the-shelf tea bags allowing the tea to brew quickly and strongly, but also making it difficult to keep fresh.

Making a great cup of loose leaf tea at home is no more difficult than brewing coffee. Brew the recommended time and separate the leaves from the infusion by pouring off into your cup, another pot, or carafe.  We offer our Tea Infuser which makes the steep and pour process very easy and an extremely enjoyable experience.


Loose vs bagged tea benefits? 

Since loose tea consists of larger leaves it maintains moreof the powerful catechin antioxidants and plentiful plant polyphenols.   This provides more of the benefits of tea, such as health benefits, flavor profile etc.  Bagged tea has a longer shelf life before getting to you, is over processed and are dust particles.   Tea brewed by the bagged contains fewer of these beneficial properties.  

Loose tea will always provide a healthier cup.  It is recommended that leaves are brewed within the first 6-8 months to get the best results. 

Loose tea also has more of a surface area so more of the natural oils exist, which of course means a better flavor profile and aroma.  Loose tea has a fresher, cleaner taste vs bagged tea will mostly taste bitter, old and muddy.  Fine, bagged tea is broken and has lost most of its essential oils and aromoas.  Also, when steeped they release more tannins than whole leaf tea. 

Loose tea is fresher and even better....ours is hand designed..not mass produced.   Bagged tea can sometimes be over a year+ old.  Tea is meant to be drank within the first 6-8 months of production. 


What is the difference between Regular and Herbal tea?
When people refer to tea, they typically mean white, green, oolong or black made from the leaf of the plant.   Herbal teas, typically called “herbal tisanes” are brewed from the roots, stems, leaves, barks or flowers of other plants.   Many of which taste extremely good and have many reported health benefits.  Most modern medicines are distilled from herbal plants.


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