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About our Wines

Wine Society – Our Vision



Since our inception, the American Serenade vision has been guided by what makes practical sense to our customer's.

As we developed, tested and continue to expand our exclusive offerings, our philosophy of “affordable American best-of-the-best quality” has been front and center. Each product is hand-selected after several product tests to find the ultimate perfect fit to our line. 



Continuing with this unique approach, our  wine list includes wines that will please our experienced wine drinkers. Our wine list include wines that will push the boundaries of the ‘wine rules’ and provide some unique options to those that like to experiment and try something new and fun!

Wine is Fun!



Wine should be fun, not intimidating or stuffy.  Your taste buds do not lie, buy what taste good to you.  American Serenade can help educate you on food pairing, how to taste wine and help bring your appreciation of wine to another level.   But the bottom line is …buy what you like??

Want a recommendation, based upon your event or meal? Reach out to us:  support@americanserenade.com






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