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Italian Roast (Intermezzo)


Product Description

16oz bag.  Fair Trade

Roast type: darkest

Acid: low

Our darkest roast will please the dark roast lovers providing the oils they expect on their beans.  This coffee offers a sweet taste and smoothness not found in many coffees.

Invite them to experience beverages differently?

Our coffee breaks down to $.29/cup.  Our coffee is not sitting on a shelf waiting to box, it is freshly roasted and ground to order.  We use only the top Specialty bean of the Arabica line of coffee.   Our roasters hand roast in small batches to bring out the smooth, natural taste of the coffee. We roast each country and each countries harvest uniquely.   The end result is a smooth, flavorful taste in your mug.  


What do you get? 

We are a concierge company and this is your coffee. 

Choose your bag size: 8oz or 16oz

Select: ground or bean

Finally: Tell us if you want it bean or ground and finally how you will brew your coffee, as we will then select the appropriate ground level to give you the best cup possible.


Product Reviews

  1. Italian

    Posted by Java Girl on 2nd Sep 2015

    I enjoyed this coffee, my husband preferred Snickerdoodle, so glad you have many different kinds!

  2. Panic if I'm running low!

    Posted by Juliana on 8th Apr 2015

    This brew allowed me to give up my Starbuck's Espresso roast bean habit! These beans smell amazing and grind beautifully and so fresh! It is our go-to blend now and what I recommend to anyone who likes it as dark and full-bodied as we do!

  3. Dark Bold Deliciouos

    Posted by Eleni Pateas-Periolat on 27th Mar 2015

    Full of rich bold delicious flavor. My only issue is that I put it in my Kuerig filter and somehow coffee grounds still end up in my cup. I would love to see you offer the pods. I'm very happy with my purchase and will be ordering again.

  4. smooth and rich

    Posted by Lashanta Hall on 28th Dec 2014

    i love the color and the taste of this coffee.if youre looking for a smooth and rich coffee to give you just enough kick,i recommend this coffee

  5. Best coffee in town!!

    Posted by Jamie Dulcie on 30th Jul 2014

    If you like going out for that fresh cup of coffee..well STOP!! The Italian Roast blend is one of my favorites to brew in house. I no longer have to go to the big chain coffee shops to get that FRESH cup of Joe!! Thank you American Serende for providing me with fresh and delicious coffee!!

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