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Who's Grace?

Connecting with Lady Grace


A Wish, a Chance encounter and a Gift

My name is Lisa. Please allow me to introduce you to Lady Grace (pictured above) and share with you a wish. 

Like many of you, I have a true passion for life, a deep pride in our country, and a strong commitment to my family.   Perhaps like you, as well, I thoroughly enjoy wonderful beverages, particularly gourmet coffee, artisan tea & a great tasting wine.

A few years ago things suddenly changed for us.  My life took a twist that started a journey.  And it all began with a wish, a chance encounter, and a sketch of a young woman named Grace.

After being downsized from a large corporation, this mother of two had an opportunity to learn all over again how to make precious time to spend with my family and friends, as it truly is a gift.  

It didn’t take long, however, to wonder if this gift of time had always blog-images-pulling-hair.jpgbeen there even when it seemed sparse between work, kids schedules and everything that pulls us in a million directions every day.  

Around this same time, a relative had shown me a wonderful original sketch created more than 70 years ago by a young American schoolgirl, Cecelia DuBay. 

Cecelia DuBay Johnson’s 1940′s sketch is named Grace.  It depicts a beautiful young woman dressed in what would have been normal attire for that era.  As I looked in appreciation, a sudden calm and yearning came over me.  I couldn’t help but wish for more time.   More time and a time when life did not seem so frantic and we did not have to 'schedule' time to spend together.   Grace was exactly what I envisioned for American Serenade to symbolize for my family and other families.  

Along with Serenade came a vehicle to share my passion for fine beverages and hopefully inspire others to take advantage of the time we have together.  This time is a gift, which once past can never be recovered.

Coupling the image of Grace alongside the quality and small 'back in the day' 'corner store' business approach we take with American Serenade the term 'Grace Time' was born.  


 As you use our products, please remember to take advantage of your gift of time or

by spending special hours with family, dear friends and wonderful neighbors around the table or just some 'me' time to recharge and enjoy some #gracetime.  


What are ways you can spend Grace Time? 

However you would like.

  • Dinner with friends
  • Girl time
  • Family meal
  • Day at the park
  • American Serenade In-Home Tasting
  • Me time to recharge

Grace Time is simply quality time with friends, family, neighbors or me time.   Enjoy it and we would love to hear about it.  Tag #gracetime,  #americanserenade on your personal social media pages to share your Grace Time stories with us.



“Cheers to you, to your family and your friends” and my deepest gratitude to the gifted and exceptional American artisans who create our American Serenade beverages, dinnerware and stemware.




Founder of American Serenade