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Meet our Models


Did you know that all of our models are American Serenade customers

That is right, every model we use for our photo shoots are either Monthly Concierge Club Members or Hallmark Members.  Please allow us to introduce them to you.


rachaelenhancedcrop.jpgRachael:  My favorite product from American Serenade is the Snickerdoodle Gourmet Coffee. Great flavor that lasts through the whole bag. My family and I camp every summer and coffee is my #1 essential(besides my family of course!), so I take the solofill cup(YES I have a keurig in my camper) that I got through AS so I can enjoy my snickerdoodle coffee while I sit relax!

My hobbies, besides drinking coffee, are Zumba and Pilates.   I don't do anything without my coffee, you will always find me with a mug in my hand.


Kristin: kristinlopez3.jpg I love the Mint Mocha and Snicker Doodle and Cinnamon Hazelnut! Especially the Mint Mocha with Thin Mint Cremer and Whi Creme!!!  I always drink it out of my American serenade mugs usually on weekend mornings making the wild boys breakfast, and then once they are fed, I sit down with my Ipad or magazine I have been saving all week to read and ENJOY my coffee.... of course I get interupted by someone needing milk or trying to kill each other, but those brief moments of sitting down with my hot cup of coffee and Magazine......Heaven!


1098272-10201601023738040-1322681739-n.jpgCarie:  I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth, as most of my friends and family can attest to, so I always have a bottle of either Celebration or Finale White on hand.  To me, both of these wines are perfect either with desert, or by themselves.  I also love the Blueberry White and Ginger Peach teas, either right out of the pot, or over ice!  They are smooth, flavorful and are loaded with antioxidants!  The Restful Blend tea - - literally lives up to its name.  Perfect after a long day at work, when your mind is still racing and you are trying to relax and get to bed at a decent hour.  I brew this one, cuddle up with my kids on the couch and sip the cup away….as funny as it sounds, you can literally feel your mind relaxing and your body getting sleepy as you get to the bottom of that cup – and next to cuddling with your kids, it’s the perfect ending to any day in my book!


Melanie:  melanie.jpgMy name is Melanie and I am married with two children. After I get my children to school I love to sit with my hot cup of American Serenade coffee and watch Live with Kelly and Michael. My favorite product is Sumatra. I am a bold coffee drinker and this is a very rich and smooth taste. I do not like harsh bitter ash tray coffee. In the evenings after dinner I love to drink a cup of the American Dream (chocolate raspberry) coffee.   I also can not get enough of the Finale White (Green Apple Riesling).  It is so smooth and my perfect wine for the summer when I am hanging out with the girls. 



megan.jpgMegan: Hello, my name is Megan.  American Serenade has really opened my eyes to what good coffee, tea and wine SHOULD taste like.  I have many favorites that make my busy life as a wife, mother and teacher so much better.  My 5 AM wake up has to start with a hot cup of the Snickerdoodle gourmet coffee.  It’s full of flavor and really gets my day going.  To keep up with those high schoolers throughout the day I like to take some iced tea with me to work.  My tea of choice is Ginger and Lime Rooibos.  It is very refreshing cold and just what I need in the afternoon.  When I get home to my family, it’s always nice to pop open my favorite wine, Overture (Cabernet Blend).  It really compliments any dish, from pasta to a nice steak.  I can really relax with my husband and two daughters while enjoying a few glasses of this great dry red. 

The upcoming months (June, July and August) are my favorites for doing my hobbies, family/friend time, boating and traveling all while keeping American Serenade products close by. 


Michelle: michellerich.jpgSome of my favorite products include: mint mocha, snicker doodle, minuet coffees. Recently, I tried the Encore (Pinot Grigio) & Overture (Cabernet blend) and loved them both.  I love the concept of "Grace Time.  Life is hectic for everyone, myself included. Sometimes grabbing Grace Time is difficult. One of the things I do is to get up early on Sat & Sun. I make myself a cup of coffee & look at Pinterest. It's quiet time I enjoy before my children wake up.




A special thanks to our photographers.  

Sheila Velo @ http://www.sheilavelo.com /  and B. Mitchell Photography. 


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