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If you are new to our site, Welcome! 

 Please allow me to share with you our founder's American Product story.  Like many of you, Lisa  loves our country and cherishes her family. 

Likewise, she also has an intense affection for discovering and enjoying wonderful beverages. Lisa spent her adolescence and young adult years moving from state to state, traveling and developing a passion for fine beverages.  Her life’s goal certainly did not begin with ‘Let’s start a business!’.

It began with long hours climbing the proverbial corporate ladder... until she was downsized. The one thing Lisa is sure of:  God's plan is greater than ours.

As always, life’s journey through that plan has an interesting way of giving more than it takes, and American Serenade has given her and others a way to enjoy a new journey: an American Product Journey. This began with Lisa writing a blog about some of her passions in life: coffee, tea and wine. Until one day she said, "Why not start a business around these products and provide an opportunity for other women."

We offer U.S.A. gourmet products artisan-designed and hand-crafted by experts in their field . This was our objective on day-one and we continue to succeed in being able to say that today, as well. 


  Lisa was born in Akron, Ohio.  She graduated from The University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing/Psychology.   She is project management certified, which was her focus for her corporate career. She is also certified in event planning.  Lisa currently lives in the Akron area with her two children. 

Bean to Bean,