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My name is Lisa and I enjoy a really quality cup of morning brew, whether it be coffee or tea.  I grew up as a corporate brat and traveled quite a bit.  Part of my time growing up was spent in Napa Valley, where I also acquired a taste for fine wines.  Coffee and tea are like fine wines….when they are QUALITY.  
My life’s goal certainly did not begin with "Let's start a business!”  It began with long hours climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, which included a lot of travel.  During this time, I acquired even more opportunity to try delicious beverages.  Then, one day after surviving many corporate restructures, I was downsized.  The one thing I am sure of:  God's plan is greater than ours.  As always, life's journey through that plan has an interesting way of giving more than it takes, and American Serenade has given me, and others, a way to enjoy a new journey: an American Product Journey.

I began by writing a blog about some of my passions in life: coffee, tea and wine.  Through my blog, I discovered that so many of my friends and readers did not know they could actually experience beverages differently, and most importantly, they did not know how to find new and exciting brews!.  So that shifted my new career path toward providing that availability and educating others on what a difference a quality cup of coffee and tea could make in their lives.   Hence, American Serenade was born in late 2012.   

American Serenade features and supports coffees that are designed and hand prepared by experts in their craft, who begin by using the quality and care you would expect from the old American corner stores which were around years ago.  We WANT YOU to taste this quality in your cup.  

So what makes our coffee stand out from the rest?   Read more below in our ''About our Products'

I invite you to experience your morning brew differently.  I would love to hear about it. Tag us in your social media posts:  #americanserenade #gracetime 




So what makes our coffee stand out from the rest?  There are several factors that go into producing an amazing cup experience.   There are three major factors that impact that taste of our coffee: 

1. Specialty grade beans used for roasting, from the best farms
2. The way we roast.   Remember:  Not all roasters are the same. 
3. Grind does matter

Let me explain...

There are two types of coffee beans: the Robusta bean and the Arabica bean.  Within the Arabica bean, there are several grade levels. The Specialty bean includes the top 2% of coffee beans.   So you NOW have the BEST OF THE BEST bean...

Is it that simple? You would think, BUT, there is still more to it.  Just like wine, coffee beans are affected by the temperature, rainfall, soil content, altitutde etc.  So, beans can taste differently - even if grown from the same country and will taste differently after each harvest. 

We then couple this knowledge with our expert roasters, who hand-roast each harvest and each country’s crop until they find the PERFECT taste.    

Not all roasters are alike, just like all other products, it takes a true artisan +  highest grade specialty coffee bean to = the results we are able to achieve.  Our coffees are all hand roasted in no more than 20lbs at a time.  They may go through several iterations of roasting to find the perfect way to roast that specific Costa Rican harvest vs how they will roast the crop from Guatemala.  Their goal is to bring out the natural taste of the bean and the result is a smooth tasting and unique cup of coffee.   

Lastly, just a couple simple steps at home can alter the taste of your coffee.  Both the water used and the grind size can impact the taste of your resulted brew.  
  • Filtered or spring water only 
  • Coffee ground for your brew method (coffee pot, keurig, french press, chemex etc) .
Never fear.....We want you to enjoy your #gracetime, not worry about grind methods.  We take care of this for you when you tell us your brew method.  We create the perfect grind for your coffee maker.  Curious to read more? ..... See grind does matter article     

We love when our customers tell us they usually added cream or sugar to their coffee, but ours they drink black.  We love hearing the stories of how our customers are Experiencing Beverages Differently.  

Let us pamper your taste buds!


if you are new to "loose tea".  We want to say Welcome and let you in on a secret.  "This is not your parents tea!"  Our teas are:
  • 100% U.S.D.A certified Organic & Fair Trade.  
  • They are all loose leaf from the highest quality leaves. 
  • All of our ingredients are natural.  No added sugars or extra junk.  So you can feel good about what you are drinking.
  • We hand care and hand package our teas 
  • No bitterness in the cup and lots of natural flavor. 
If the above has not sold you, let me say in addition to the quality and taste in your cup, there are a slue of health benefits in loose tea that can not be achieved with bagged.  

High quality loose teas are made form the top-most shoots of the tea plan. All of our teas are hand plucked, not by machine. 
Just like wine and coffee the soil, elevation, climate can all affect the overall character of the tea leaves.  We strive to bring out that natural taste of those leaves and the health benefits.  

There are 4 true types of tea: black, white, green and oolong.  We offer them all and some variants.  Each tea type offers and the teas within those types offer their own unique health benefits.   Shop our teas to find out more. 

American Serenade Coffee and Tea subscription clubs